Bag Filter Housings

Bag filter housings are multi-purpose filter equipment with the features of novel structure, small size, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, airtight work and strong adaptability. Otherwise, they are very convenient to replace the filter bags and there is no material consumption.
Single-bag, double-bag or multi-bag filter housings, are all closed, whose working principle are pressure filtration and their filtration systems consist of three parts: the filter container, the supporting net basket and the filter bag.

Bag Filter Housing Stainless Steel BJD Series Bag Filter Housings SS Bag Filter Housings

Features of bag filter housings:

1. Heavy traffic;
2. Long service life;
3. Obvious filtering effect;
4. High filtration strength;
5. High mechanical strength;
6. The operation is simple;
7. Cost savings.

Application of bag filter housings:

1. Filtration of pharmaceutical injection, infusion, eye drops, Chinese herbal medicine liquid;
2. Extraction, purification and concentration of biological preparation;
2. High purity water pre-filtration for the electronics, microelectronics and semiconductor industries;
3. Filtration of boiler feed water, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, pesticides and others;
4. Filtration of drink purified water, mineral water, fruit juice, tea drinks, health drinks and wine;
5. Filtration of water supply and wastewater treatment for biological engineering, oil, printing and dyeing, textile industry.