Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

Activated carbon filter cartridge(CTO) is a new type of deep filter, it is made of high quality activated carbon as a raw material in the low hot melt adhesive composition of its structure, continuous extrusion molding.

The carbon core has excellent adsorption performance of granular activated carbon, and has effectively overcome the defects of carbon powder leakage in the use of all activated carbon filters.

It has the precision filtration characteristics of tubular elements, and can effectively remove organic matters, particles, rust, residual chlorine and peculiar smell in the liquid.

The performance characteristics:

1. adsorption, filtration, loading, catalyst
2. Resistant to corrosion by chemical reagents such as acid and alkali and organic solvents;
3. High filtering accuracy, large flow, small pressure difference, high-pressure strength, high pollution, non-toxic and tasteless, no secondary pollution;
4. Convenient disassembly is the replacement of bulk activated carbon more ideal new products.

The main purpose:

Activated carbon filter cartridges are ideal for liquid filtration in pure water, electroplating solutions, printed circuit boards, solvents, coatings, detergents, pharmaceutical water, beverages, and spirits industries.

Active Block Carbon Filter Cartridges(CTO)