A Brief Introduction Of Hawach Filter Bag And Filter Capsule

With years of experience in the production line of lab consumables, Hawach is known for its outstanding performance in the industry, who constantly upgrade their products to meet the international standards. Hawach is able to provide on-time deliveries with high quality, thanks to a team of professionals and continuous hard work.

Hawach filter bag
The filter bag is made of porous short fiber non-woven fabric or nylon woven mesh by heat sealing or sewing. It has a deep filtering structure and good integrity. There are four kinds of materials at choice: polyester needle (PET), PP needle felt (PPF), PP flat sheet (PPP), nylon monofilament (NMO); and two kinds of interface materials: stainless steel ring, PP plastic ring. It features deep filtration, especially large filtration flow, low resistance, long service life, low cost, no fiber shedding, and easy operation.

Hawach filter bag has been widely used in the petrochemical industry; filtration of sugar, spices, juice, tea, etc. in the food industry; filtration and solvent filtration in polyester and acrylic production in the textile industry; recycling of valuable components in the pharmaceutical industry, gelatin, vitamins, syrup, etc.

Hawach capsule filter
The capsule filter is also called a disposable filter. The outer shell is made of high-temperature polypropylene material and the inner filter cartridge is hot-melted and welded together with the folding filter cartridge. It does not contain adhesives and other chemicals. The filter has different filter membranes and pore sizes, which can be autoclaved, suitable for filtering small dose liquids such as 1-20L laboratory, gas or industrial precious small volume liquid.

Filter Capsules
PES Filter Capsules
Filter Bags

Composition of capsule filter

Filter membrane: PP, PES, PTFE, Nylon6, GF
Shell material: PP
Support material: PP
PP: Pre-filtration of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration; aqueous and solvent samples; inks and fuels in the chemical industry.
PES: Larger volume samples; aqueous solutions in the food industry; liquids, small injections, tissue culture fluids in the pharmaceutical industry.
PTFE: Corrosion liquid LOD production in photoresist; air and gas filtration; optical storage industry CD-R, DVD-R production fuel; chemical industry, biopharmaceuticals, laboratory solvents, etc.
PVDF: Larger viscosity samples; viscous liquids in the food industry; corrosive liquids in the pharmaceutical industry
GF: pre-filtered with coarse particulate liquid

Filtration accuracy
PP: ranges from 0.1 to 50.0 μm, 10 grades
PES: from 0.05 to 1.2μm, seven grades
PTFE: Liquid: 0.1, 0.22, 0.45 um
Gas: 0.01, 0.02 um
Nylon6: 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 1.0 um

–Outer casing included, which can be used directly, without stainless steel casing and reducing cost;
–Easy to install, super convenient to use, reduce splashing and leakage;
–There are various shapes and sizes of interfaces (threads, hoses, etc.) to meet various conversion interfaces, especially suitable for laboratory 1-20L and other small doses and front-end filtration or terminal filtration in various industries;
–Depending on the application, membranes (PP, PN, GF, PVDF, etc.) with different filter materials can be used as filter cartridges to meet their demanding filtration requirements;

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