A Brief Introduction Of Capsule Filter

The capsule filter is small in size and mainly used in purification and filtration of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, microelectronic reagents, etc. The filter medium is placed in the interior of the capsule filter in the form of folds, which enlarges the filtering area and ensures the fast flow rate. The shell of the capsule filter is made of polypropylene material, by which the capsule filter can achieve excellent chemical stability and durability of application.

The capsule filter has many aspects of characteristics. The capsule filter can be applied in the purification and often used to purify different chemical reagents and pharmaceutical reagents, or the high additive liquids, low flow rate and filtration of rare metal solvents.

It can also be applied in the filtration, such as the filtration of highly corrosive solvents and gas filtration or the filtration applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biological industries. The filter media of the capsule filter can be Nylon, PES, PP, PTFE, PVDF or MCE. And generally, the capsule filter is suitable for different apertures.

The use of the capsule filter covers the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, automotive Industry, and Laboratory filtration.